• Is Dabackup compatible with directadmin ?

    Yes dabackup is compatible with directadmin. That mean all the backups takes using dabackup can restore in any directadmin srever without dabackup tools. Please check the documentation to know how to restore it.

  • Is Dabackup support incremental backup ?

    Yes,Dabackup support incremental backup. So it won't compress files under home folder. This will reduce server load during backup time.

  • Is Dabackup Support compressed backups ?

    Yes,Dabackup will support compressed backups. It will compress the backups into gzip format. This option use big cpu resources.

  • Is Dabackup can store backups to a remote server ?

    Yes, Dabackup can store backups to a remote server over ssh. You need an ssh account for storing the backups.

  • Is Dabackup support local storage ?

    Yes, You can store the backups to a local folder too

  • Is Dabackup Support FTP storage ?

    No,Dabackup won't store backups to an ftp account .

  • How about server load during backups?

    If you chose compressed backups, then it will increase load due to gzip compression , if you chose incremental backups, then it won't increase the server load with backup process.

  • Where should I get the Support ?

    Dabackup have 24x7 support by syslint Technologies . So please login to the help desk and open a support ticket.

  • Where is the documentation ?

    Documentation is available on this website itself . Please check the top menu.

  • Trial available ?

    Yes, dabackup have a 15 day free trial

  • Discounts available ?

    Yes , discounts are available for bulk order with 50+ licenses.

  • Dabackup take mysql backups ?

    Yes, it will take all mysql databases backups. Also individual accounts backups are available in individual accounts too.