The directadmin backup plugin

Latest version 4.0

Directadmin Backup Plugin

Dabackup is a directadmin integrated backup plugin.The plugin comprises of both compressed and incremental backups, transferred to a local storage location or to a remote storage location via ssh. Installation is instant and managed effortlessly. Backups can be restored in any directadmin server with/without the help of dabackup tools.

Directadmin Backup Plugin main features

Compatible Backups

Dabackup is a directadmin compatible backup plugin. You can use the backups to restore in any directadmin server using the directadmin built-in tools or dabackup tools.

Support Local And Remote Storage

Dabackup can store the backups either in your local disk or remote disk. For remote storage, you only need a storage ssh account.

Daily, Weekly And Monthly Backups

Dabackup can take daily , weekly and monthly backups..

7 Days Backup Retention

Retention polices will enhance your backup features, the 7 Days Backup Retention ensure that files are always retained and have your each days backups.

Compressed And Incremental Backups

Dabackup can be configured as either compressed or incremental backup. Compressed backups will save disk space while incremental backups will reduce server loads during backup time.

24x7 Support

Our Technical assistance will be available 24/7, You can open tickets to us from your registered client area.

Order and Pricing


Dabackup 15 days Free Trial

Individual License
5 $

/per month

Reseller license
3 $

/per month

*There should be a minimum of 10 license required

120 $

*One year free support